Our Services

We provide a variety of services depending on the needs of our clients.  Areas of expertise are as follows:

Financial Plans - Custom Tailored to include your assets, liabilities,  current insurance, and investments, to help you reach your goals while mitigating risk.

Life Events – Options for moving retirement dollars to different types of accounts when someone changes jobs (ie, 401k Rollovers).  Also, reviewing new company benefits to reduce gaps in coverage for the employee. Someone who bought/started/or sold a business, bought a home, got married, or had a child.  

 Personal Planning, Business Planning, Special Needs Planning and Legacy Planning.

Life Insurance - Provide insurance to families, individuals, business partners, or stakeholders of a business in the event of death.  Perform Audits on existing policies to answer questions: Is it still the right policy for my needs? Am I paying too much? Can I structure differently to maximize value to me or beneficiaries?  

College Tuition- Paying for a student’s tuition either by parents, grandparents or friends.

Disability Coverage – Potentially protect paychecks from going away if an injury or accident prohibits being able to work.

Long Term Care - Maintain financial stability in the event an income earner has to provide care for a parent, relative, or even themselves.

Asset and Income protection strategies.

Retirement Planning - Determining how much is needed, how to invest money, where to put it.  It can be a retirement plan for personal (Traditional and Roth IRA's) or business (401k, Pension, Simple IRA, etc...).  

Business Needs - Ideas and strategies to efficiently transfer a closely held business to family or key employees.  Ideas to maximize company value to sell to a third party.  Assist in maximizing business worth and plan events such as Retirement, Disability, Death or Exit.  

Business Planning and Exit Planning

Company Benefits – Health Insurance/Long Term Disability/Vision/Dental/Life, 401K, Solo 401K, Simple IRA, SEP IRA, Non-Qualified benefits, etc.

Executive Benefits - How to reward specific employees or retain key employees for a Business Owner or how to save money when a 401k won't allow an Executive to contribute the maximum dollars due to their high income.